NOVEMBER 5 & 6, 2011

9 am - 5pm both days


Saturday November 5th

  Nicola Morson -.Nicola has been an intuitive since childhood, but she didn't realize what that was until her teenage years when messages and visions became so apparent that she decided to take it to the next level and read every book, journal and article she could find on paranormal phenomena.  She currently gives private readings to the general public and is a member of the Center for Advanced Paranormal Investigation as an investigation team member.  She does not call herself a psychic but a spiritualist or an intuitive.   She can be found wandering around Inglewood on our Medium Walks.

Center for Advanced Paranormal Investigation- CAPI is a non profit, volunteer organization whose primary focus is to investigate and document  suspected paranormal activity in homes and businesses in  the Calgary and Southern Alberta area.

 Debbie Fleming - Star of the TV show "The INTUITIVES" along with numerous guest appearances on other shows, Debbie is an amazing Medium and Intuitive.  She will amaze you with her ability to see beyond what you think is really there.

West Paranormal Research - This Calgary investigation group is making a name for themselves with all the fabulous research and investigations that they have been able to do for local homes and businesses...

 Paranormal Explorers  Rona Anderson & Ben Myckan- What the "Bleep" is in my house...And can you come and help me get it out?   Learn about the weird paranormal phenomena people have had in their homes. and what was captured during investigations.  You'll also find out how they got rid of the activity and how to help people not be scared of the activity in their homes.

 Johanna Lane If you've taken a Ghost Tour in Calgary, chances are you've met Johanna.  She brings her unique humorous style of her presentations.  Not only is she a Tour Guide, she is also a Advanced Master Hypnotist & Stage Hypnotist who has taught for various colleges across Canada.



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